Turn a Bathroom Door into a Sliding Barn Door

Turn a Bathroom Door into a Sliding Barn Door

When I took the bathroom doors off before I stenciled the floor, I liked the way there was a free wall where I could hang some shelves. We have two doors for the bathroom.  One from the bedroom (which we are using as an office)and one from the hallway.


Hallway Entrance


Bedroom Entrance


I decided that a sliding barn door would be a nice option because we would still have a door and could also have the wall with shelves.  I got the idea to use the door that I took off to make the barn door.


In order to use this door, it needed to be made two inches larger on each side because the barn door needs to cover the door molding  I had some plywood strips left over from the shiplap that I did in the bathroom.  So I decided to use them to cover the door.  I attached them with Liquid Nails and my brad nailer.

I did the same thing on the other side of the door.  I added some trim around the edge of the front of the door and also a diagonal piece to give it that true barn door look. Then I painted it white.

I was thinking about distressing it, but decided not to.  I like that it has the same look as the shiplap.

Next, I got started on the hardware.  I used this hardware set from Home Depot. Because the door is so heavy, a header needed to be installed above the door.  After I located the studs, I screwed the 2×4 onto the wall.  I painted the piece the same color as the wall.  Then i was able to install the railing.

Next, I attached the hangers on the door.  Because my door was one inch thicker because I added wood to build it up, I needed to get longer screws than the ones that were provided in the kit. Not a big deal, and I sprayed them black.  Then it was time to hang it.  I was nervous because of how heavy it was!  It took three of us to lift it onto the rails, but it was perfect!

Since I used leftover lumber and paint, the door didn’t cost me anything!  The hardware was $139.  I also got these handles at Home Depot.

We will keep it closed most of the time, but can easily slide it open if needed.

I am thrilled with it!  It adds so much charm to the office. I would love to know what you think. Please leave me a comment and let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Ruth Kingery says:

    I love that look! You have a knack for making your projects seem like they were always meant to be that way.

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