How to add accent lights by using the Magic Light Trick

How to add accent lights by using the Magic Light Trick


I love the look of Gooseneck sconces.  They add so much interest to a space and are very affordable. This one I found on Amazon and is $31.

I always hesitated to buy one because I didn’t want the hassle and expense of having to hire an electrician to wire it.  Then one day I learned of a hack to add lighting without any wiring to electrical. I follow a blog called Nestingwithgrace. She shows how to add light to a sconce with battery powered “hockey puck”lights.  You know, the kind that you push on to turn off/on. She calls it The Magic Light Trick. Take a look at how she put one above her window seat. You should check out her blog to get some inspiration.  It’s really beautiful!

I will go through the steps that I used to make my own ” Magic Light”.

I bought the gooseneck sconce pictured above from Amazon.  Here is the link.  I also bought this set of battery powered puck lights also from Amazon.  The link is here. They come with a remote which is nice if your light will be mounted up high.

Be sure that you put the puck light inside the sconce BEFORE you hang it on the wall! Much easier!! Here’s what to do:

In order to remove the light socket, unscrew the two screws inside.

After they are out you can pull the socket out.  It will still have the black and white wires attached.


Next, you can thread thin wire through the holes in the socket from the back.

After that is done, use the screws to re attach the socket back in the fixture.  Now you will have the wires sticking out of the socket.

Take the back off the puck light and thread the wires from the socket through the holes.  Then twist the wires several times to secure it.


Now you will be able to twist the front of the light on to the back.

And voila! You have a light that can be turned on/off by pushing on it or with a remote!  This light doesn’t put off a bright light.  It is more for accent lighting.

They are perfect above the shelves that I added to the bathroom that I recently updated. You can read about the stenciled floor tile here and the DIY shiplap here.

Let me know if you try this for yourself.  It is an easy way to add interest to a space. Thanks for stopping by!





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  1. Ruth Kingery says:

    You did it again. I love your latest project!
    Your instructions look so professional!
    I’m so proud of you!

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