Stenciled Tile

Stenciled Tile

I have always admired the look of cement tiles.  They are add so much character to a room.  I really like them in a bathroom or laundry room.  I found a few tutorials on Pinterest for how to get the look with a stencil and ordered this one from Cutting Edge stencils.  I ordered two of them because the tutorials said that you need to cut one to fit smaller spaces.  They are less than $10 a piece, so not a big deal.

Here is what our tile floor looked like.

It was in good shape, but the grout was very dirty even after several cleanings with a toothbrush (I happen to have a few!)

I started by removing the doors and cleaning the floor with a strong cleaner.

Then, I sanded the floors.  I’m not sure that this step is necessary.  I would for sure do it if you were painting over linoleum.  I used 150 grit with my mouse sander.

Next, I taped off the baseboards and trim with painters tape.



I then applied two coats of primer. This dries quickly, so I waited four hours in between coats.

Next, I applied two coats of white chalk paint. It dries quickly, so it is the best paint for this type of job.  It also has the flat finish that the cement tiles have.

I used a foam roller to apply everything, making sure to get into the grout space with the tip of it.

I started in the back of the room with the full sized tiles first.  I used tape to secure the stencil and used the foam roller to apply the paint.

You want to dab off as much of the paint onto a paper towel or paper tray before the application onto the stencil.  Otherwise, it will bleed.  You will still get a little bleeding anyway, but not as much if the roller is on the dry side. I also used a stencil brush in some of the spots where the roller didn’t fill in the stencil.  When you use the brush you need to use a dabbing application.

I started by staggering the stencils so that I didn’t smear the paint, but truthfully, the chalk paint dried so fast that it wasn’t a problem.

After I was done with all the full sized tiles, I started with the smaller tiles.  I started this step by measuring for the largest of the tiles, then I cut it to size.  This way, you can keep cutting the stencil until the smallest one.

The trickiest part was around the toilet and behind it.  I had to fold the stencil around the base as I was working.  Behind the toilet the stencil got smudged and looks pretty bad.  Hopefully no one will be looking at that part!

I had quite a bit of touching up to do in order to fix smudges and rough edges.  I used a thin painters brush for this part and truthfully, this took a lot of time.  After a while, I just told myself to stop trying to make it look perfect.  Because stenciling isn’t perfect.  It is the overall look that you are trying to achieve.  I have let go of my OCD side and embraced the imperfections!

After all the stenciling was complete, I sealed all my hard work with 4 coats of this.


I really like the transformation! Here is another before.

And the after!


You can check out my post for the shiplap here.

Another before.

And after!




Let me know if you have any questions.  Thanks for stopping by!









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  1. Megan says:

    Wow! Gorgeous!

  2. Erin says:

    What size were your tiles?

    1. tamiloecker says:

      They are 12 X 12.

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