Shiplap in the Bathroom

Shiplap in the Bathroom

Our main floor bathroom was lacking…it was lacking charm, character, style.  It was boring.

I started by painting the vanity Chelsea Gray. This is the same color that I painted our kitchen cabinets. I switched out the drawer pulls and door handles for these.

Next, I removed the big wall mirror, the light fixture, the toilet tank, and everything else that was on the walls and measured the space.  I use plywood for shiplap because it is more affordable than the tongue and groove kind.  The sheets are 4’x8′ and I have Home Depot cut them into 8″ strips.  This gives me 6 strips per sheet.  Home Depot used to do this for free, but this time I was informed that they charge .50 per cut.  I got 5 sheets at 5 cuts per sheet and the first two cuts are free, so I paid $11.50 for the cuts.  I am ok with it because I always felt a little guilty making them do it, so now I feel better about it!

The next step is to find and mark the studs on the wall.  This just makes sure the strips are secure.

Then I used a level to make sure that it was even and used my nailer to attach the plywood strip to the studs in the wall. I used nickels as spacers in between the planks.

I also painted the wall in between the planks so that the wall color didn’t show through the spaces.  This is way easier than painting the whole wall before the project. I used a Behr paint called Bakery Box.

I used the level on every plank to make sure that they weren’t off.  It goes pretty fast.  I decided against doing all the walls and just doing two.  There are tricky walls with lots of small spaces and outlets.  I like having two accent walls instead.

Here is the before again.

And the after.


I got the light fixture at Lowes and the mirror at Home Depot.


I decided the use hooks for the towels instead of racks.  Our family isn’t the best at hanging the towels in a neat fashion, so this is easier!

Stay tuned for the next project.  I have fun plans for the floor!

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  1. Stacey Balius says:

    What a transformation! I love it!

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