DIY Parsons Chair Slipcovers

DIY Parsons Chair Slipcovers

I have has these leather Parsons Chairs for a long time and I really like them.  They are comfortable and easy to fit around our dining room table.  I just felt like they need to be lightened up, especially after I painted the accent wall dark gray.

I bought some white denim and washed and dried it in order to shrink it.  Then I took measurements for the pieces of the slipcovers.  I basically cut four pieces.  For the first piece I measured the seat back-front.

For the second piece I measured the seat back-back.

For the third piece I measured the seat.

For the last piece I measured the skirt.  I used a strip that was 5″ wide.

Next, I pinned the first two pieces right sides together on the chair.  This way you get a nice custom fit. After it is pinned, pull it off and sew.


Next, pin the seat piece to the seat back-front (right sides together) and sew.

Nest, pin the skirt to the seat piece (right sides together) and sew.

The last step is to sew a hem around the skirt.

I chose white denim because it is easy to throw in the wash and bleach.  I like how it gives the chairs a spring/summer feel.  Kind of like white denim jeans for my wardrobe!

They are simple to make and can easily be removed and washed.

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