DIY Cement Pot and Wooden Plant Stand

DIY Cement Pot and Wooden Plant Stand

I am feeling the need for some green in my life.  Spring is near and I am anxious!  I saw this planter and cement pot from West Elm and fell in love! 

I love the mix of cement with wood. I planned to find a cement pot, and thought that the wooden planter would make a fun project. So the hunt was on!  I looked and looked and looked and couldn’t find any cement pots!  I searched in stores and online with no luck.  So I decided to try to make my own.  How hard could it be? (Famous last words!) I started gathering my supplies and gave it a go.

I started by spraying the the plastic buckets with WD40 with hopes that they would pull apart easier.  Then I mixed the Quickrete concrete mix. It should be the consistency of pudding.  I then put some in the bottom of the larger of the two buckets and then put the smaller one on top and started filling in around the sides.  As I was filling, I was also packing with a spatula to make sure there were no gaps and air pockets. After that was done, I waited 24 hours.  The hardest part of this project was pulling the buckets apart.  Even though I sprayed them with lubricant they were stuck on tight! I ended up turning the bucket upside down and pounding it with a hammer and eventually it came out of the big bucket.  Then I worked the smaller bucket loose.  I used some sand paper to smooth off the edges.

I then decided that I wanted a bigger one too.  So I got a couple of larger buckets and repeated the entire process! Let me say that this is easier with buckets that are more pliable plastic.  The sturdier plastic pots are harder to work with when trying to separate them. Here is the larger pot.

I like the way it has some variation in the texture.  I have to admit that when I was trying to get this one separated from the pail that I almost threw the whole thing in the garbage!  It was hard!  I had to cut the plastic in order to work it free!  But, I’m happy with the final result.

Next I started to make the plant stands.  I got a couple of 3/4″ square poplar pieces at Menards and cut a piece that was slightly larger than the size of the bottom of the pot.  Then I cut two smaller pieces to attach to the larger one to make a +. I then used wood glue and a mending bracket to attach the pieces together.


After that was dry, I cut four pieces for the legs.  I attached them with my brad nailer and reinforced it with a corner brace. These pictures show the bottom of the stand.

I forgot to mention that I stained the 3/4″ piece of wood prior to cutting the pieces.  I used this stain.

This is another view of the bottom.

The smaller one is a nice size to have on a table top. This plant is some kind of palm.

I love this larger plant.  The leaves are so pretty!

I have seen quite a few of these types of planters in stores lately.  It was fun to make my own version.

I am loving the addition of green to our home!  Thanks for stopping by!





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