DIY Farmhouse Media Console Table

DIY Farmhouse Media Console Table


After we moved in July, we found that some of our furniture didn’t fit our needs for certain spaces.  We didn’t have a television in our living room at our old house. So when we moved here, we found that we wanted a TV in the basement as well as our living room.  We were temporarily using a drop leaf table that is an heirloom and not the right piece for the TV.

I found this piece that I really liked on Shanty2Chic’s website.

I really like their site because they have step by step directions and great tips and pointers.  I made this Open Shelving and this Farmhouse table with their plans. Another reason that I like them is that they are sisters who have so much fun together!

The plans call for plywood that comes in 4′ x 8′ pieces.  I had Home Depot rip them down to 16″ strips so that I could fit them in my car. They are so good about doing that for free.

I won’t go into detail about the process of building the piece because Shanty2Chic has such good plans.  It basically involves using a Kreg jig to make pocket holes in the pieces so that they can be joined together. This tool is so fun to use!  I love it!

You make a box first, then add shelves.

After that you make a frame that attaches to the front to finish it off.  The doors are made out of MDF and have trim around the edges.  I used the paint that they used.  It is called Urbane Bronze from Sherwin Williams.  It is such a pretty color!  I think I will use it again when I paint the vanity in our bathroom.  I also used the same hardware that they used on their piece.


I love the way it turned out! I had to do some sanding of the doors in order to get them to fit properly.  There is a lot of storage for blankets,etc behind the doors.

It was a fun project and just the right size for our television.


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  1. Megan says:

    You are amazing! It looks exactly like the initial picture. Wow.

    1. tamiloecker says:

      Thanks Megan!

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