Updated Hallway

Updated Hallway


Since the day we moved into this house, I have been wondering what to do about this wall that has our circuit box located on it.

It is such an eyesore and is on the main level of our house.  I don’t know who decided that it needed to be HERE, but it obviously wasn’t an interior designer! I wanted to find something to hang over it, so that if we needed to access the box, we could just lift it off.  The problem was that everything I found that I liked wasn’t big enough.

I got inspired by this wall hanging that I almost bought from Hobby Lobby. It is a pattern made from pieces of wood.

Once I realized that it wasn’t big enough to cover the circuit box, I decided that I would try to make my own version.  It needed to be 40″ x 40″.  I started by making a frame out of 1×2’s that was the size that I wanted. I then added  horizontal and vertical boards in the middle to make four boxes. Once that was done, I used some reclaimed wood wall planks that I got at Lowes.  I had used these one other time when I helped my sister cover up a wall around her gas fireplace.  They are very lightweight and easy to cut.

I used my miter saw to make the cuts.  After I was done cutting, I used my hot glue gun to attach them to the frame.  This worked really well because the pieces were so lightweight.

I liked the way the inspiration piece had some color variations, so I used some paint samples that I had to make a color wash. I randomly painted the boards to create a washed out look of color.

I like the subtle pattern of color and variations in the wood pieces.I found this metal wall hanging also at Hobby Lobby that had small hooks on the back that made it easy to attach to the front.



I also put up board and batten which I will address in another post.  This hallway makes me much happier now that I don’t have to look at the ugly eyesore anymore!  Thanks for stopping by!

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4 comments on “Updated Hallway”

  1. Ruth Kingery says:

    I just looked at your complete wall project. I love it!

  2. Jill LeQuire says:

    This looks like so much fun.

    1. tamiloecker says:

      It is my passion! Thanks for checking out the blog!

  3. Jim + Jenni Smith says:

    …..we’ll be looking for this reclaimed wood! So many possibilities. Well done, as usual.

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