Stair update

Stair update

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I knew from the moment that we moved in that this would be a project that I HAD to do.  The oak builder grade newel posts and balusters were not in the plan for my home decor theme.

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We were scheduled to have new flooring installed, so I knew that I needed to tackle this project before that happened. So I started demo, which was so fun!

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I used a jig saw to slice each baluster in the middle and then wiggled them out one by one.  They were attached with finishing nails, so I had to try to remove them from the railing.  This was harder than I thought it would be.  Most of them broke off, so I hammered them into the wood and moved on.

The next step was updating the newel post.  I had seen lots of posts on Pinterest and got the idea to build around the existing post with pieces of wood and trim.  I was going for a craftsman look.

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I originally wanted to take a saw to the ugly knobby thing on the top (I actually tried!) but that was not happening.  So I decided to build a box to fit over it.  I used a deck post cap for the top of the box and used thin pieces of wood for the box.  After I put that on I added trim to cover up any exposed wood.

I decided to use General Finishes Java gel stain on the post and railings.  This worked really well.  It is easy to apply and only requires a minimal amount of sanding prior to application.

After the flooring was installed, I went to work on the wrought iron balusters.  I used these along with the knuckles that can be added.  I liked the more simple look instead of the basket design.

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I was really scared to drill into the new flooring, but after careful measuring to make sure they were spaced properly I dived right in.  The iron balusters had to be cut, so I bought a metal cutting blade for my saw.  Thankfully I didn’t start a fire in the garage with all the sparks that were flying!

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I really like how it turned out! Let me know what you think.

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  1. Ruth Kingery says:

    I am amazed with everything you went through to get that project done
    You must get your talent from Dad!

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