DIY Trash and Recycling Cabinet

DIY Trash and Recycling Cabinet

Our family is dedicated to recycling, but only one person in our family (ahem) is dedicated to taking the items out to the recycling bin in the garage.  The cereal boxes, cans and paper towel rolls sit on the counter because everyone knows that I will take them out to the garage because I hate clutter. I knew that if we had a specific bin in the house for recyclables, we would do an even better job of recycling.

I searched for a trash/recycling unit online and came across this plan from Anna White. I had some pieces of wood left from the desk top that I made for our office so I decided to give it a try.  The pieces of plywood that I had were 1/2″ thick and the plan called for 3/4″,  I had to adapt the plans slightly, but it worked fine.

I wanted the top to be thicker looking, similar to a butcher block,so I glued two pieces of plywood together and trimmed out the sides with this wood veneer edging. It is easy to use and looks really nice.  It finishes out the raw edges and looks much more finished.  It is adhered by applying heat with an iron and then using a roller to help smooth it out.

Since my top was 1″ thick, I had to trim the excess off with an x-acto knife.  After that was done I sanded the edges and stained it with Verathane in Briarsmoke.

I made use of the scrap piece by trimming out the raw edges on the front of the cabinet.

I used the same paint and handles that I used for our kitchen cabinets. I might eventually put labels on the doors so that things don’t get mixed up.

It really is nice to have both bins in the same cabinet.  I have also found that it works well for extra buffet serving for entertaining.

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4 comments on “DIY Trash and Recycling Cabinet”

  1. Ruth Kingery says:

    Wow! I am really impressed with what you’ve done!

    1. tamiloecker says:

      Thank you!

  2. Susan says:

    I need this recycling cabinet in my life! Love it!

    1. tamiloecker says:

      Thank you!

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